Daytime river cruises along river Neva and the Gulf of Finland from WTC in St. Petersburg

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A stroll along Neva and the Gulf of Finland on a ferry will be an unforgettable gift to you. It will help you get a full bouquet of impressions from visiting St. Petersburg. A variety of canals, rivers and tributaries cut the majestic city in various directions. It is difficult to find an area where you can not see a bit of sparkling, silver or lead-gray water. All these water arteries can seem a random whim of nature. To make sure that this is not true, it is necessary to pass along them and Neva right to the Gulf of Finland itself. And at the moment when the ship leaves the built-up banks and goes out into the water, it is most clearly felt that the waterways of St. Petersburg are part of the impudent and brilliantly executed plan of Peter the Great. Although the city that bears his name is not fully at the seaside. It was Peter the Great who opened the gates to the Baltic and brought the glory of the naval power to Russia.

St. Petersburg. The famous and unfamiliar

The lump of rivers and canals passing through the city adds another feature to St. Petersburg. Many sights can be seen and appreciated only from the water, from the side of a boat. That is why river cruises with an access to the Gulf of Finland are so popular among tourists and guests of St. Petersburg. The sightseeing tour lasts 2 hours. During this time you can see the most famous monuments attracting tourists from all over the world, as well as many corners of St. Petersburg, which are not often included in the program of travel agencies and form an exclusive part of the excursion.

  • The gala St. Petersburg. From the ferry you can see the famous Hermitage, the Admiralty building, the Peter and Paul Fortress, and of course the Bronze Horseman - the sights that are the landmarks of the city.
  • Islands. Interesting and picturesque views of Elagin, Krestovsky, Kamenny, Petrovsky islands will allow you to look at St. Petersburg with its unusual and unknown, for many tourists, parties.
  • The Gulf of Finland. The panorama of the modern city has changed significantly since it was admired by the imperial people. But even today St. Petersburg is an interesting and unforgettable sight from the waters of the Gulf of Finland.

If the weather does not decide to show its severe northern character, the entrance to the waters of the Gulf of Finland will give you the opportunity to see many ships, yachts and large passenger liners. You will be able to make sure that St. Petersburg does not lose its importance, as a port city.

A gift for everyone who wants to get to know St. Petersburg

A sightseeing tour around the waters of Saint-Petersburg will give you the opportunity to explore the sights with no fuss and to learn interesting details from the guide's explanations. The walk is accompanied by pleasant unobtrusive music, so that the noise of a modern metropolis does not affect the impressions from the trip. The ferry departs every hour. Sucha schedule allows to choose the most convenient time for the tour. The price of the tickets is quite affordable, and this makes the trip a real gift for those who want to get to know the city better.

Excursions along Neva are an excellent opportunity to diversify leisure in Northern capital. Also, such strolls are suitable for organizing a romantic date. From the water the city reveals itself in a completely new way. Saint Petersburg pleases the audience with majestic sights and does not cease to amaze. It is not only the visitors of the city that strive to take a tour along Neva. The residents of the city also choose this type of recreation quite often to get the most from their beloved city, revealing it every time from a new perspective.

During the strolls along Neva by boat experienced guides share various interesting facts from the rich history of Northern capital. Therefore, no one gets bored, and learns a lot of exciting things. River strolls along Neva depart at different parts of the day. If you have already seen the city from the water in the daytime, choose a tour along Neva at night, when the city lights up with millions of lights and becomes simply irresistible. During river voyages along Neva in the evening and at night, the guests of the boats are also entertained with a program that makes such walks unique and memorable.

Strolls along Neva are good at different times of the year. Northern capital is unique and will not leave anyone indifferent. Trips along Neva on comfortable water transport will help you get to know Northern capital and see it in its fullest glory. During the strolls along Neva you can see the various sights of the city. Such trips along Neva can not be replaced by pedestrian or bus excursions.

Choose the most interesting trip along Neva and buy an excursion. We are ready to guarantee that during the strolls along Neva on the boat you will get plenty of positive emotions. Traveling along Neva by boat is an interesting, fascinating and informative kind of recreation.