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St. Petersburg offers a lot of exciting world famous attractions to the visitors. One of the most romantic and unforgettable trips is a night cruise along Neva. Surely every tourist plans a visit to the imperial residences, the Hermitage, and the Bronze Horseman. Although if you want to feel the real soul of St. Petersburg and understand what is it that inspires famous poets, artists and sculptors, then you would have to go sailing along the night-time Neva. Of course, over the past three centuries that the city stands it has changed a lot. So today it is not only the famous white nights that light up the city. The bright lights and architectural illumination provide both an excellent view and vivid impressions throughout the whole trip. If the schedule of your visit to St. Petersburg allows you to allocate a couple of hours, getting on board of our strolling boat is a must. We will show you the city in its most romantic and charming form.

During the night walks along Neva, tourists get a unique opportunity to observe Northern capital from a completely different angle. Night-time sightseeing river tour in St. Petersburg will reveal a completely new perspective of the famous and familiar sights.

Going along Neva under the drawbridges

Drawing bridges are the real symbol of St. Petersburg. They can be seen on postcards, in tourist booklets and prospects. All tourists who visit the city, consider it a must to see these engineering miracles. Many believe that today bridges are simply a decoration, a monument that is protected as a sign of respect to the history. This is not particularly true, these days the bridges are quite functional. They also continue to fulfill their mission. Throughout the day they connect the city districts. While divorced for the night they give the opportunity for the boats to pass through the courts. If your visit to St. Petersburg falls in the period of the shipping season, which usually begins on the last days of April, then we can offer you an opportunity to see it with your own eyes. You can enjoy a cruise under the drawbridges on a comfortable boat. Night strolls along Neva during the divorce of the bridges allow you to see the unique views of the city. Meanwhile the music and entertainment will be a pleasant addition to the trip.

Unforgettable views and live music

The sights of night-time St. Petersburg that open from the side of a watercraft will show you a different city, that is quite unlike the one that tourists see in the afternoon. The price of the tickets is quite affordable, so do not deprive yourself of this pleasure. Night tour along Neva last for at least 2 hours and flows in an informative and entertaining manner.

  • The route goes along the gala Neva and gives an opportunity to see the 6 most famous drawbridges. What could be more romantic than the silhouette of a divorced bridge against the background of a bright northern sky?
  • The sights of St. Petersburg are especially impressive and memorable with the nightfall. The sights of architectural illumination itself can justify all expectations from the trip.
  • The musical accompaniment is also there. To enhance the impressions from the trip, river night strolls are accompanied by live music.
  • Bar aboard. Even if the day has worn you out, you can cheer up with a glass of your favorite drink.

A night stroll along Neva with all its magnificent views is accompanied by live musical performance. It will help you keep the warmest memories about St. Petersburg.

A night walk along Neva is an excellent opportunity to organize a romantic date. Such a trip will give a lot of positive emotions and will be remembered for a long time. Night strolls along Neva are beautiful in any time of the year. Boat trips with divorced bridges simply can not be disliked. Night-time sightseeing tour of St. Petersburg is popular among the guests of Northern capital and its residents. Use an opportunity to have an unforgettable time!

A night voyage along Neva shows you the city in a completely new way. St.Petersburg guided night tours are varied and rich. Comfortable boats create excellent conditions for recreation. During a night walk along Neva, no one will be bored. You will be carried away to the magical and unknown world of the city. Choose a St. Petersburg night tour for an exciting time.