Return tickets

Ticket refund / replacement procedure:

  • You in advance (3 hours before the departure of the flight) contact the Customer Support Service and inform the order number to cancel it or you need to transfer by phone. +7 (812) 240-05-18 (works daily, without breaks from 9.00 to 01.00).
  • Refunds or partial refunds are made only on the basis of a written application, the form can be downloaded here, or the call center staff will send you the form by e-mail.
  • The completed application must be sent to
  • If you have printed out your boarding passes in advance at the checkout of the berth, you need to return them to the checkout of the berth or take a photo with the saved control spine and send it along with the application to

Reasons for full refund of tickets:

  • Flight canceled due to shipping company or due to weather conditions
  • Upon receipt of a notification of the return no later than 3 hours before the departure of the flight
  • In case of an error in debiting funds or re-debiting an ATM (based on a written application, confirmed by copies of checks, statements)

Reasons for a partial refund of the full cost of tickets:

  • If you receive a notification later than 3 hours before the flight
  • If the passenger is late / absent from the ship

Is not a reason for the refund of the cost of tickets:

  • Changing the route of weather conditions and for reasons beyond the control of the shipping company
  • Lack of show of drawbridges on night routes due to reasons of company Mostotrest