Return tickets

Full ticket refund detail

  • Boat tours cancelled by the shipping company and/or delayed due to the weather.
  • Upon receipt of a notice of return no later than 3 hours before departure and 3 days before departure for special tours: show Scarlet Sails, City Day, Navy Day, Shows opening / closing fountains in Petergof
  • If there is an error in debiting or re-debiting the bank. To return money for transactions with errors, it is necessary to submit a written statement, copies of electronic checks confirming the erroneous write-off.

A partial refund of ticket

  • If we receive a cancellation notice later than 3 hours (3 days for special tours) before departure, but before the ship departs
  • If a passenger is late for a ship, a ticket can be exchanged for another tour at the ticket office at the pier, subject to availability.

Not a reason to return the cost of tickets

  • Changing the route due to weather conditions and reasons beyond the control of the shipping company
  • Lack of show of drawing bridges in night routes for reasons of the company Mostotrest

To return the ticket price must be filled "Application for the return of funds".The completed application must be sent to the e-mail

If you already have printed boarding passes, they must be handed over to the cashier on the quay, if the control of the ticket is torn off, then a copy or photo of boarding passes must be attached to the return letter.

We will respond to your return request within 5 business days.

возврат денежных средств будет осуществлен на банковскую карту в установленный законом срок и зависит от срока банковской транзакции.