Safety on board

чтобы ваше путешествие и путешествие других пассажиров было максимально комфортным.

In case of violation of the rules, passengers may not be allowed to board the ship.

Boats entering and exiting

«Начать посадку».

Entry and exit of passengers is allowed only by reliably installed and tested ladders.

Be careful

It is recommended to move carefully along the ladders of the ship. Carefully navigate the wet outdoor deck.

чтобы случайно не травмировать себя.

Transportation of items

It is forbidden to transport on ships items containing radioactive, flammable, toxic and other hazardous substances.

Fire safety

Strictly follow fire safety rules. Fire on board is one of the most dangerous emergencies for a vessel.


Passengers with small children should constantly look after their behavior and whereabouts.

Alcohol and smoking

Smoking and alcohol drinking are prohibited