City Cruise + City Tour 48 hours

Detailed tour description

The largest service offer for the tourists who have planned the most! Combo 48-hour ticket for naval route City cruise and bus route City tour in hop on/hop off format with stops made next to the main landmarks. 

“City cruise + City tour” is a hop on/hop off journey throughout the streets, prospects, rivers and canals of Saint Petersburg. You can get off the cruise at any stop, look at the sights and then continue your journey on the next cruiser. 48-hour valid ticket. The map of the city as a gift.

Points of interest:

You can look at all the main sights of Saint Petersburg in 2 days. Our cruisers make 5 stops in the main points of interest around the city: Kunstkamera, Bronze Horseman, Summer Garden, Lomonosov’s bridge and Egyptian bridge.  Not less than 5 museums and sights know worldwide at each stop that are definitely worth seeing.

If you’ve chosen a bus excursion on our red double-deck buses (“City tour” double-deckers), you will be able to explore the old part of Saint Petersburg even further – our buses make 14 stops, on Nevsky prospect, next to St. Isaac’s Cathedral, next to Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange, close to Aurora cruiser among the others.

You can switch the cruiser for the bus and back – we’ve planned 4 comfortable transit stops on your route.

No one hurries you up as it happens so often at excursions. Our cruisers are available from 11:50 till 21:40 and come to shores each 40 minutes. Buses circle around the route from 10am to 9.35pm each 60 minutes. There’s no boarding limit at the stops during the duration of your ticket.

You get to your destination smoothly and with comfort even during rush hours. Cruiser doesn’t stop at every corner to drop off the passengers  - there are only 5 stops. You may choose your place accordingly to weather conditions; you can stay at the deck or go inside. Audio guide accompanies you at any time – just put on the headphones. And no traffic jams!

Your first boarding via electronic ticket has to be on the cruiser!

Important information

The overall duration of the route is 1 hour and 50 minutes. Cruisers are at the stops each 40 minutes.

This naval route is accompanied by the audio-excursion in 6 languages: Russian, English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German. When you are on a bus you will be linked to an audio-guide in 11 languages.

Tickets last 24 hours since the first boarding. Attention: if you have chosen cruiser+bus combo, you will have to make your first boarding on the cruiser!

 With your ticket you receive the map of the city that helps you to navigate around after having got off at any of the stops.

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Comfortable channel boat with large open and closed decks for traveling along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg in any weather.

Single deck boat
  • Type
    Single deck
  • Bar
    Soft drinks and snacks
  • Blankets
  • Capacity
    30 humans
  • Restroom
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