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A whole range of impressions from visiting Northern Venice will not be complete unless you order a meteor to Peterhof. Guests from all corners of Russia, near and far abroad come to see with their own eyes Peterhof Grand Palace and the famous fountains. Thanks to the last the imperial residence is often called "Russian Versailles". Although this list of monuments and architectural treasures is far from being exhausted. Just like a beautiful flower in amber a living story has frozen in Peterhof. So that anyone willing to get closer to the beauty has an opportunity to do so. Every half an hour the boat departs from the Palace pier and Senate pier. The boat will quickly and comfortably take you to the royal residences. Moreover our excursions to Petergof with meteor will allow you to get to it just as the emperors once did on the waters of the Gulf of Finland.

Meteor to Peterhof - two excursions in one

Museums, historical and architectural monuments of St. Petersburg attract visitors from all over the world. How and in what order to inspect the sights - everyone will decide for himself. But if your goal is Peterhof, then it will be easier and more convenient to buy a ticket for meteor.

  • Departure from the center. There are many tourist bus and car routes that can take visitors to Peterhof. However, they mainly depart from the outskirts of the city, which is not that convenient. Our trips begin with Senate and Palace quays, which are easy to find and to reach.
  • Always a free road. The abundance of tourists significantly increases the congestion of roads and in particular - Peterhof highway. Because of traffic jams and congestion, a bus tour can take much longer than originally planned. Meteor schedule is not affected by road traffic. Our meteor to Peterhof will take no more than 40 minutes.
  • The road as a part of your excursion. Those who choose a bus trip, will see advertisement banners, commercial signs and other mandatory attributes of the modern metropolis. Passengers who choose smeteors get a wonderful opportunity to see the panorama of the city from the waters of the Gulf of Finland, which in itself is a majestic and unforgettable sight.

A trip across the waters of Gulf of Finland gives a lot of impressions and is included in the program of some travel agencies. This means that our ticket price to Peterhof includes two excursions at once - an unforgettable boat trip that will end with a visit to the luxurious imperial residence.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable trip

Schedule of meteors can be seen on the official website where you can choose the most convenient time for the trip. The routes are served by 6 vessels, which depart from the Palace and Senate quays every 20 minutes. The ticket price is quite affordable, any details can be specified online. Contact us, treat yourself to an unforgettable trip to the magnificent Peterhof.

It is easy to purchase a ticket to Peterhof online with our help. We took care not only of the affordable price level for such trips, but also provided a simple and intuitive interface. You can make a purchase at any comfortable time. We work to serve you best and to offer the most comfortable means of transport, which will provide an opportunity to quickly reach the destination as well as enjoy the unique views from the water of the majestic Northern capital.

During a trip with Meteora to Petergof by water transport you get a lot of positive emotions. The completion of such an exciting trip would be a visit to the imperial residence, the luxury and uniqueness of which simply can not fail to impress. The tickets for Meteor to Peterhof are sold online 24 hours a day. To buy a ticket for Meteor to Peterhof, you do not need to specifically set time aside.

The schedule and prices for Meteors to Peterhof are also available at any time. Our online resource is ready to become an effective assistant in planning travel for both residents and visitors of the city. While being anywhere in Russia or abroad, you can easily and simply plan a trip that will help diversify your leisure or business visit to Northern capital.

The purchase of tickets for Meteor to Peterhof will not be a fuss, as it is possible to do it in just a few clicks. We accept online payment via debit and credit cards, so anyone who wants to take a boat trip to Petrodvorets will be able to choose the most comfortable one. In case any questions occur, the managers are happy to help. We carefully monitor the relevance of Meteors' timetable to Peterhof. On our website you can always get reliable information about the time of the excursion, the number of available tickets and their price. It's no secret that these tours are extremely popular. Therefore, if you want to travel on a certain day and time, you should plan this trip and purchase tickets in advance. Travel with us - give yourself wonderful memories not only about Petrodvorets. We offer comfortable water transport, so we are ready to guarantee that every passenger will be pleased. A river cruise is a great opportunity to have a fun time.