Scarlet Sails Show on behalf of pier Kunstkamera

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This feast of school graduates is on of the biggest celebrations on water and it takes place in Saint Petersburg. Spectators will be amazed by a remarkable ceremony with lights and fireworks that will take place in the center of Neva river aquatorium.

Under the bright lights of fireworks a multimedia performance will unfold on the water, the culmination of it will be a grand ship with crimson sails. The route of the sail-ship will happen to the strains of classical music and a grand firework show that symbolizes hope and wish fulfillment. This year the show will take place at night from 23d to 24th of June.

Each year millions of people gather to watch the show. The crowds flood the embankments. It’s hardly ever possible to witness even the slightest bit even if you take the first rows.

We invite everyone wishing to attend to savor the unforgettable spectacle from the best angle – the broadsides of our boats.

Departure and arrival from the quay "Kunskamera" (Universitetskaya embankment, 3) at 11:45 pm.

On a comfortable single-deck boat you will go on a festive water trip, during the show our motor ship will be located between the Palace and the Annunciation Bridge.

The show will begin at 00.40.

 "Scarlet Sails" feast has been awarded with European Best Event Award and is truly the best city event in Europe that must never be missed and must be enjoyed from the best angle – the broadsides of a boat.

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Уютный канальный теплоход с открытой и закрытой палубами для путешествия по рекам и каналам Санкт-Петербурга при любой погоде. Теплоход проходит даже под самыми низкими мостами. 

  • Type
  • Bar
    Soft drinks and snacks
  • Blankets
  • Capacity
    40 humans
  • Restroom
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